A Review Study on Cloud Computing Latency Reduction Approaches

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Volume 5, Issue 3 (March, 2019)
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Simranpreet, Bhanu Sharma, Amreet Saini
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Cloud service latency is that the delay between a shopper request and a cloud service provider’s response. Latency greatly affects however usable and pleasant devices and communications area unit. Those issues are enlarged for cloud service communications, which may be particularly susceptible to latency for variety of reasons. For one factor, latency within the cloud atmosphere is a smaller amount foreseeable and additional difficult to live. Most tools for measurement latency, like trace route and pings work supported ICMP packets, that don't seem to be usually used. Several factors have an effect on latency, like the quality variety of router hops or ground-to-satellite communication hops on the thanks to the target server. as a result of cloud service knowledge centres is physically placed anyplace within the world, a client might want to seek out the geographic location. in an exceedingly cloud atmosphere, the larger and fewer foreseeable work additionally results in larger variability in commission delivery. Mental image will introduce packet delays, particularly if virtual machines (VMs) area unit on separate networks. The client network’s wide space network (WAN), if busy, may have a big impact on latency. Some organizations invest in an exceedingly dedicated WAN for cloud operations.


Virtual machine, VDC, ICMP, RTT, QoS.

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