An Effectual Instance to Mitigate Threat in Dense Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

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Volume 5, Issue 7 (July 2019)
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Daljit Kaur, Er.Jasdeep Singh
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A MANET is a self-organizing network in which all the sensor nodes of the system are self-governing without any central system to achieve routing. Nodes energetically establish paths to one more to communicate among the nodes, trusting on the neighbor nodes to keep system connected. In this paper the attention is on security matters associated to ad-hoc systems which are mainly required to deliver secure broadcastings and possible security measures to avoid the attacks. Based on the environment of attack, the bouts are categorized into active and passive bouts. So in this paper, the important measure is taken using swarm intelligence approach which will increase the lifetime of the network and decreases the effect of attack in the networks.

Ad-hoc networks, security threats, network lifetime.