Propose and Evaluate Classification Technique for Heart Disease Prediction

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Volume 4, Issue 7 (July, 2018)
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Rupinder Kaur Gurm, Navjot Kaur
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The data mining is the technique to analyze the complex data. The prediction analysis is the technique which is applied to predict the data according to the input dataset. In the recent times, various techniques have been applied for the prediction analysis. In the base paper, SVM technique is applied for the prediction analysis. In the technique whole data is divided into testing and training part. The test data is classified into two classes’ means first class is of data which have less chances of heart disease and second which have high chances of heart disease. In this research work, further improved will be proposed in this existing method using decision tree classifier. The proposed improvement increase accuracy of classification and reduce execution time.

SVM, KNN, Neural Networks, Back Propagation