A Proposed Technique in IoT Based Parking System Using Bar Code Technology

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Volume 4, Issue 7 (July, 2018)
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Harpreet Kaur, Harliv Kaur
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This paper proposed a parking technique that is iot based parking system with barcode. The modern cities tuned themselves with new technologies. IOT is the most recent technology. Smart cities adopt IOT for the betterment. Many parking systems are deployed in the smart cities such as smart parking system with rfid (radio frequency with identification) and reservation based smart parking system. In this paper an improved version of smart parking system with bar code is proposed. The proposed parking system is cloud integrated and provide real time map facility. The proposed parking system deploy IOT module on-site that is used to monitor and signalize the availability state of each and every parking slot in parking lot. RFID, image capturing and bar code are the three-main technology for proposed system. Mobile application is providing to the user for user end interface. This parking system provide real time information about the vacant or reserved parking slot. it reduces the conflicts of wrong parking. in this paper the parking system is proposed and elaborate the high-level view of the system architecture.

internet of things (IOT), smart city, smart parking, RFID (radio frequency with identification) , reservation based smart parking system, image capturing and bar code.

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