Survey Paper: To Evaluate the Performance of KNN Algorithm for Face Spoofing

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Volume 4, Issue 7 (July, 2018)
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Rupinder Kaur Gurm, Neha Dhariwal
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The face recognition is the system which is the application of the machine learning. The face recognition system is the system which is used for the attendance system. The test and training set is prepared in which segmentation is done, feature extraction can be applied and dataset is designed. The test set is the image which need to recognize by comparing with the training set. The SVM classifier is applied which can classify test image into recognized or non-recognized. The linear SVM classifier has least accuracy because it classify data into two classes. In this research, SVM can be replaced with KNN which increase accuracy of Classification and increase reliability of attendance system

SVM, KNN, Accuracy, Training Set, Face recognition, Reliability.