An Approach for Visualization of Big Data Using Nanocubes

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Volume 2, Issue 9 (September, 2016)
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Astha Gupta, Sachin Majithia, Dr. Shashi Bhushan
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The concept of big data begins with the enormous amount of the data after the interpretation of the data warehousing. The practices performed in big data are generally related to issues in the large volumes of data or the unstructured data. The Visualization and structuring of data are the essential techniques required over the data available in the various domains in large amount. There are various techniques which can portray, coordinate, observe and browse the available data. Specially, the visualization of data techniques is associated with the understanding of the available data to plan the structuring of data as well as the analysis of the given databases. In this paper, visualization technique based upon the nanocubes concept is presented, which divide the data into smaller chunks, which make the data more understandable. In this paper, an improved system for the crime data visualization is depicted which consisted of the various layers altogether in order to process the input data and to produce the r esults in the form of the patterns, color maps, statistics and other such parametric values or the visualization techniques.

Big Data, Visualization, Nanocubes.

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