Multiple Attribute Based Security of Data in Cloud Computing

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Volume 2, Issue 8 (August, 2016)
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Nitica Bir, Maninder Kaur
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In this new era, receptive data is stored and shared on internet. Cloud computing is one of the upcoming technologies used for bulk data and its storage. It is revolutionary computer paradigm which enables flexible, on demand and low cost usage of computing resources. Cloud storage provides virtualized pools of storage and people buy or lease storage capacity from them. For remote data storage, data security and privacy are critical issues. To protect that data against unauthorized access, modification or denial of services etc., a secure user enforced data access control mechanism must be provided before cloud users have liberty to outsource sensitive data to cloud for storage. To avoid unauthorized access, data should be encrypted before outsourcing. In this research paper, the proposed work plan is to eliminate the concerns regarding data privacy using pipeline cipher text based attribute based encryption. It is a new approach and it meets the requirements of public key systems. By using this algorithm it will increase the security in data and consumes less time and less cost. Attribute-Based Encryption is a public key based encryption that enables access control over encrypted data using access policies and ascribed attributes. Cipher text-Policy Attribute-based Encryption (CP-ABE) is considered as one of the most suitable scheme for data access control in cloud storage. Cipher text Policy Attribute Based Encryption is mostly suitable for distributed data sharing systems since the data owner has full control to put in force access policies and updating the policies as the data owner make their private data only accessible to designated users. Attribute is a way of public key encryption in which secret key of user and cipher text are dependent. The decryption of cipher text is only the set of attributes of user key matching the attributes of cipher text. Encrypter has full control over access rights, providing feasible key management. In role- based system, policies can be generated and based in that policies, encryption can be done. Generation of access key is based on access policies assigned to each user along with attributes. The data stored in cloud is encrypted and decrypted using a key generated based in access permissions assigned to data attributes of owner who share their data with high security and integrity using policy based multiple attribute based encryption(MABE).

Indexed Terms:
Cloud Computing, Security, Cipher Text Policy Attribute Based Encryption, Access Control, MABE.