Overview Of Sybil Attack: Analysis And Detection

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Volume 1, Issue 1 (October, 2015)
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Sukhpreet Kaur, Dr.Parminder Singh
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This paper defines the Sybil attack and comparative analysis with different Attacks; among these attacks, Sybil Attack is dangerous attack. This malicious node access the information from the network region of wireless sensor network and that node either modifies or dropping the packets in the network region known as Sybil Attack.The current study addresses two major problems that every network will be facing i.e. Trust and Authentication. The security protocol establishes the trust in the network but instead of these protocols we enable the trust and authentication by Cluster Head Node; this Cluster Head node provides rules and regulation, on the basis of the rules and regulations we authenticate the nodes and detecting Sybil Attack.


Sensor, Cluster Head, Routing Table, Sybil, Network Region.

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