Optimum Power Utilization for MIMO Wireless Network using signal-to-interference-and-noise (SINR) ratio and optimal transmission power (OTP)

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Volume 1, Issue 1 (October, 2015)
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Monika Gosain, Satvir Singh
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A Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) cellular network where a base station (BS) can transmit data cyphers to a mobile station (MS) assumed as fixed. In this paper, to improve the performance of optimum power utilization in MIMO wireless networks using dynamic semi-definite relaxation in terms of signal-to-interference-and-noise (SINR) ratio and optimal transmission power (OTP). The procedure is proposed to decrease the number of lively or active assistance links and concurrently elevate the beam forming vectors between BSs and mobile station which is assume to be fixed. Here the BSs subject to signal-to-interference-and-noise-ratio (SINR) constraints at the mobile station.  Finally we compare the peak OTP, peak SINR, average OTP and average SINR.


Signal-to-interference-and-noise (SINR), base station (BS), Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), mobile station (MS), optimal transmission power (OTP).

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