Surface Detection Using Ultrasonic Waves For The Advancement Of Robotics

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Volume 1, Issue 1 (October, 2015)
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Monika Gosain, Sukhwinder Singh
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In today’s fast growing information technology and robotics environment, it is very important for a robot (or any other movable and intelligent machine) to be capable of sensing every important data. Information surrounding a robot’s physical area needs to be sensed with utmost care so that every single detail can be verified. In our research, we are trying to provide a novel method where a robot can be capable of sensing the shape of its surrounding area where it needs to walk. By doing this, it will not stuck on anything and time will be reduced for it complete its task. At first, it will send ultrasounds around its surrounding. While it will receive the signals back, signals will also hold the shape of the surrounding also. These shapes could be identified by received signals to logical values. Value showing 1 denotes that the specific position have some shaping material. Collecting all the 1s from the plane will collectively prove the shape of the area, which also could be understandable for the robot (or any movable machine).

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