A Review Paper on Translucent Windshield

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Volume 2, Issue 10 (October, 2016)
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Rishav Sharma, Dr. Raman Chadha
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It is very difficult to drive the vehicle at night; especially on a single lane road.  While driving the car dipper is essential at night, but sometimes-untrained driver, do not use them; drivers of other vehicles have a problem at night, due to reflection of light from the front of vehicle. Translucent Windshield is basically a amalgamation of hardware and software, which is helpful to drive the car in night. This windshield will act as a sunglass. Yes it will reduce the rays of light falling directly into eyes. But it is very dangerous to wear a sunglass at night and sunglasses will also reduce the judgment of the driver. So, to rectify this problem, I will design a windshield that will act as a digital translucent sheet of glass that will reduce the rays of light or headlamps of an car not to affect the judgments of the driver. I will divide whole windshield like pixels. We control those pixels using concept of x and y coordinates. We can individually light up those pixels. According to the position of the vehicle in front of us. By doing that the pixels can activate themselves and the left out windshield will remain normal and driver can see the road properly.

Camera sensors, X-direction, Y-direction, windshield, Translucent Image.