Heat Transfer in Rectangular Micro Channels at Different Plenum Shapes

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Volume 2, Issue 5 (May, 2016)
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Daler Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Nirpakash Uppal
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In the recent years, there is a rapid advancement in micromachining technology. This advancement leads to the development of miniaturized systems, which further leads to various applications, as in the field of medical science, electronic and bioengineering. These types of systems often contain small scale fluid channels embedded in the surrounding solids with heating sources. Due to the instability of flow at the entrance and exit regions of the micro channels needs to be clearly understood for efficient design of inlet and outlet plenum shapes and for design of micro-channels. In this work two different shape of test pieces are manufactured from aluminum and block is manufactured from copper. Heaters having 50 W and 100 W capacities are used to heat up micro-channels.. The micro-channel heat sink fabricated with different designs of inlet and outlet plenum arrangements having rectangular plenum and trapezoidal plenum. By using different heat inputs ,we found that trapezoidal plenum arrangement having better heat transfer coefficient compared to rectangular plenum arrangement. Also we found that the effect of pressure drop in micro channel heat sinks.

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