Functional Test Cases Generation Based on Automated Generated Use Case Diagram using DFS algorithm

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Volume 2, Issue 5 (May, 2016)
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Ramandeep Kaur, Rasbir Singh
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The Use case situations are made amid the examination stage to determine programming framework's necessities and can likewise be utilized for making framework level experiments. Utilizing use cases to get framework tests has a few advantages including test plan at early phases of programming improvement life cycle that decreases over all advancement expense of the framework. Current methodologies for framework testing utilizing use cases include useful subtle elements and does exclude watches as passing criteria i.e. utilization of class chart that appear to be troublesome at exceptionally starting level which lead the need of particular based testing without including utilitarian subtle elements. A procedure for framework testing specifically got from the determination without including practical points of interest has also been developed. This framework utilizes both types of conditions namely pre and post connected as watchmen at every level of the utilization cases that empowers era of formalized experiments and makes it conceivable to produce test cases for every stream of the framework. We utilized use case situations to create framework level experiments, though framework arrangement outline is being utilized to cross over any barrier between the test target and experiments, got from the detail of the framework. Since, a state graph got from the mix of succession charts can display the whole conduct of the framework. Created test cases can be utilized and executed to state diagram to catch conduct of the framework with the state change. Every one of these strides empowers deliberate refining of the detail to accomplish the objectives of framework testing at initial advancement stage. This paper presents a review of the use of use case diagrams in software testing.


Software testing, UML, Use case diagrams, SDLC, DFS algorithm

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