Hybrid Technique for Effort Estimation of Software’s

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Volume 5, Issue 9 (September 2019)
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Pooja Arora , Lalit Bansal
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The efforts are to be estimated before beginning with the development of software. This technique is known as effort estimation. Various models are proposed to measure the efforts accurately. The proposed work includes estimating the efforts of software using hybrid technique involved in previous models. COCOMO is constructive cost model and is considered as the most accurate model for effort estimation. Another method to measure the efforts is function point. It basically measures the size of the project that further helps to calculate efforts. In this work a hybrid formula used that depends upon the values of cost drivers. The efforts of each model are being calculated and their MMRE is calculated. The result shows that the hybrid model is derived by using TLBO algorithm provides more accurate results than the other estimation models.

TLBO, Efforts, MMRE

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