Bio-Inspired Approach for Edge Detection in Image Processing

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Volume 5, Issue 9 (September 2019)
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Ritu Saini, Kamal Gupta
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The Image processing is the technology in which information is processed which is stored in the form of pixels. The edge detection is the technique of Image processing which can detect the edges from the Image. The edge of the image is the pixels after which pixels intensity changes drastically. In the existing papers, technique is applied which is based on the ant colony optimization technique for the edge detection. The compared paper applies ant colony optimization algorithm, in the threshold pixels intensity for the edge detection is user defined due to which efficiency of improved ant colony optimization algorithm is more as compare to existing ant colony optimization algorithms. In this research work, PSO algorithm will be applied to define threshold intensity of the pixels. The proposed improvement is implemented in MATLAB and evaluation parameter results are better compared to exiting techniques in noisy environment and execution time is reduced.

Ant Colony, Bee Colony, PSO, Edge Detection