Bearing Fault Detection using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition integrated with Teager Kaiser Energy Method

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Volume 4, Issue 12 (December, 2018)
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Vikas Verma, Jasbir Singh Ratol, Avtar Singh
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This paper presents a methodology to detect the localized faults both in outer and inner race of bearing based on the Empirical mode decomposition, Ensembled empirical mode decomposition and Teager Kaiser energy. The acquired vibration signals are decomposed into intrinsic mode functions using empirical mode decomposition and ensemble empirical mode decomposition. The signal is then reconstructed by selecting the significant IMFs correlating the original signal. Finally, Teager Kaiser energy is computed for the reconstructed signals to highlight the faulty frequency harmonics. The results shows that Teager Kaiser energy evaluated for Ensembled empirical mode decomposition reconstructed signals are capable to extract the fault frequency harmonics in comparison to the energies evaluated by empirical mode decomposition.

Bearing, EMD, EEMD, Teager-Kaiser, Energy spectrum