A Review on Lung Cancer Detection Analysis

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Volume 4, Issue 11 (November, 2018)
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Preeti Bala, Aashta Mahajan
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Recently, image processing techniques are widely used in several medical areas for image improvement in earlier detection and treatment stages, where the time factor is very important to discover the abnormality issues in target images, especially in various cancer tumour such as lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. Image quality and accuracy is the core factors of this research, image quality assessment as well as improvement are depending on the enhancement stage where low pre-processing techniques are used following the segmentation principles, an enhanced region of the object of interest that is used as a basic foundation of feature extraction is obtained generally. Relying on general features, a normality comparison is made. In this research, the main detected features for accurate images comparison are pixels percentage and mask labeling.

Cancer Detection, Image processing, Feature extraction, Masking, Segmentation, Classification.

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