Review Paper on Face Recognition Using Techniques and Neural Networks

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Volume 4, Issue 6 (June, 2018)
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Rupinder Kaur Gurm, Neha Dhariwal
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Face recognition refers to identification and verification of objects by analyzing and detecting the shape of face and facial features. Face recognition technology has a stunning effect on society it is highly preferred for  security purposes as our face has become our password for various applications like unlocking smartphones so the risk of cyber attacks has been decreased to a great extent. .In face recognition technology firstly Face scanning is done and the facial expressions are extracted using biometric system then records are matched with the data stored in database that whether the pattern is matching or not. we can identify the object even  in case of facial expressions change, pose variations. For the face detection haar features and viola jones algorithm is used after detection of face the facial expressions are extracted using Gabor filter technique and facial expressions classification is done by artificial neural network classifier.

Face Scanning, Gabor filter, Cyber Attacks, Biometric System, Viola Jones algorithm