A Computational to Study the Effect of Flow Type on the Performance of Different Heat Sinks

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Volume 4, Issue 5 (May, 2018)
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Rishu, Harpreet Singh
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A main purpose of the present computational work is to quantify effects of different types of perforations. An computational fluid analysis to study the pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics of the perforated heat sinks. A comparison between the thermal performance of heat sink with different types of heat sink such as circular, slotted, rectangular, triangular and solid profile. Fluid flow and heat transfer experiments were conducted on a heat sink made is Aluminum alloy 6061 of length 150mm, width 122mm,height 40mm and thickness 2mm. the fluid using in this setup is air of 250rad/s generated by a blower. The heat sink will be heated by a heater corresponding heat load 100W and was allowed to stabilize. The temperatures are measured at various position inlet, outlet fin temperature. It was observed that the temperature variation was more for a heat sink with rectangular perforation as compare to different perforated heat sink leading to higher heat transfer.

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