Performance optimization MPLS-MANET Networks over Black Hole Attack

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Volume 3, Issue 12 (December, 2017)
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Wasim Hyder Khan, Maninder Kaur
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MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is the powerful technology to build and managed effectively internal and outside network. This technology has outstanding performance than other technology that executed in networking devices like routers, layer 3 devices. The administrator has run this open nature technology to provide uninterrupted speed for end users. This approach has some cons like it does not examined vulnerability activity and therefore, we can measures prevention steps to stop such kind of activity. Now, in this paper we explore the black hole attack and to mitigate the attack with some sort of algorithm. Black hole attack is a routing attack that extracts the information in the middle of the transmission line by the attacker. This type of attack either performed on the high speed and low speed networks. We are using mobile nodes that communicate with router and all the devices execute MPLS approach. NS-2 simulator has been used for implementation of the proposed solution and compare to existing approaches.

MPLS, MANET, WORM Hole, Routing Layer.

Tags Associated: MANET MPLS Routing Layer Worm Hole