A Survey of Reliable Transfer on Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Techniques in Wireless Mesh Networks

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Volume 3, Issue 10 (October, 2017)
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Ranjit Singh, Dr.Rakesh Poonia
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channel assignment is a major problem that has been faced in wireless mesh networks. The solution of this problem is to assign proper channels in distinct frequency bands. Assignment of frequency band usually takes backbone links but backbone link can't surety about end to end customer delivery of data. These frequency bands adjusted with orthogonal channels resulting degrade the network performance due to interference. The adjacent frequency measured by multi-interfaces configured on multi-radio multichannel (MRMC) technology. MRMC doesn’t solve the problem of channel capacity and interference, the technology only assigned the channel. Suppose the channel will be not available at the time of communication (requesting node) then group of node requesting to another group node. Previous techniques had used a TDMA method to solve the interference and other issues. Our approach has used encoding/decoding process with some modification of existing algorithm. This paper has to measure the accuracy and precision factor on the basis of modified algorithm. Accuracy refers the location of the client and cell position whereas precision refers to the distance between two cells. When two cells were too far then calculate value should be grounded low precision. We were review the technique and analyze the performance factor on the parameters like channel interference and power consumption.

CCI, orthogonal channels (OCs), SNR, IEEE 802.11