An Optimize Approach to Reduce the Uncertainties in Mobile Adhoc Networks Using Firefly Optimization

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Volume 3, Issue 10 (October, 2017)
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Harminder Singh, Meenakshi Gupta
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MANET stands for Mobile Ad-hoc Network. It is a self-configuring infrastructure-less network. The absence of an infrastructure in ad hoc networks poses great challenges in the functionality of these networks. Therefore, we refer to a wireless ad-hoc network with mobile nodes as a Mobile Ad Hoc Network. In MANET, all the devices are connected by wireless links. Every device in a MANET is free to move independently in all the directions. In this paper the analysis of uncertainty is done which will degrade the performance of the network and increases the packet drop probability. So, the efficient optimization approach using firefly is performed which is used to achieve less uncertainty with less overhead in the mobile ad-hoc networks.

Mobile ad-hoc networks, uncertainties, Optimizations