Review Study on Generation of Electricity from an Ordinary Fan

Volume 3, Issue 10 (October, 2017)
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Chander Vivek, Simranjeet Singh, Dalbir Singh
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Generation of an Electricity through ordinary fan is really an amazing process. Fans are the mainly used items in India almost everywhere as compare with Cooler’s and AC. Since the initial cost of solar systems is relatively high but when it comes to produce power for a household, energy saves and energy generating, then this is a main issue for mankind. This paper presents for generating the electricity through ordinary ceiling fan. The generated power can be either used or can be stored in a battery for powering some other devices. We will produce electricity from fan energy like cooler FAN (more powerful), ceiling fan and run tube lights directly according to the requirements and also we can store and use for other purposes like phone charging etc

Alternator, dynamo, Electromagnetism.