Categorization of Copy-Move Fake and Normal Images By ORB Features and SVM Classifier

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Volume 3, Issue 9 (September, 2017)
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Ankush kapoor
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It is fact that the requirement for detection of digital forgeries has been familiar by the explore community; extremely few publications are at presently obtainable. Digital watermarks have been planned as a means for fragile substantiation, content substantiation, detection of tampering, localization of changes, and recuperation of unique pleased. Digital watermarks preserve provide us positive information about the image reliability and its processing narration, the watermark must be present in the image before the tampering occurs. This limits their application to controlled environments that include armed systems or observation cameras. Unless all digital achievement devices are prepared with a watermarking chip, it will be unlikely that a forgery-in the-wild will be detectable using a watermark. In this paper use COMFOD dataset by SVM with ORB features

Copy move forgery, SVM, ORB