A Review Study on Blue Brain Technology

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Volume 3, Issue 8 (August, 2017)
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Jaskaran Singh, Dr.Raman Chadha
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Brain is one of the most significant and intellectual gift given by the GOD. It is one of the most crucial part in our body that needs serious care handling and nutrition. It is the brain with help of which we have developed computers, machines and all sorts of comforts that we are using in our day to day life. Today we are living in a world where everything can be manufactured on artificial level i.e. we are living in virtual kind of world. Brain has invented the computer, but computer doesn’t it. The Blue Brain is an attempt to reverse engineer the human brain and recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation. The main goals of the project are to gain a complete concerned of the brain and to enable better and faster development of brain disease treatments. We can say that blue brain is the brain, which is virtually instructing the functions in terms of artificial intelligent. The mission is undertaking the Blue Brain technology is to gather all existing knowledge of the brain, raise the global research efficiency of reverse engineering and to build a complete theoretical framework. The main aim is to upload human brain into machine due to more thinking power. After the death of human being, brain neurons can work virtually, so their knowledge, intelligence, personalities, feelings and memories of that man can be used for the development of the human society.

Neurons, Nerves, Sensory System.

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