Image Encryption Using Two Dimensional Modified Sine Logistic Map

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Volume 3, Issue 8 (August, 2017)
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Ridwan Uz Zaman Pandit
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In recent years, the chaos based cryptographic algorithms have suggested some new and efficient ways to develop secure image encryption techniques. This paper introduces a new two-dimensional Logistic-Sine map (2D-LSM). It has excellent chaotic performance and its outputs are difficult to predict algorithm is able to protect different kinds of images with a high security level. The initial conditions for the both logistic maps are derived using the external secret key by providing different weightage to all its bits. But it actually uses the block of sixteen pixel of image to make the cipher more reliable and robust against any attack. In the proposed image encryption scheme, an external secret key of 80-bit and two chaotic logistic maps are employed. The proposed image encryption uses several experimental, statistical mathematical analysis and performance sensitivity tests to ensure an efficient way and secure way for real-time image encryption and transmission module.

Image cipher, chaotic cryptography, Logistic map, data encryption.