A Review on Facial Emotion Authentication

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Volume 3, Issue 6 (June, 2017)
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Ashveen Kaur, Er. Sukhpreet Kaur
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Emotion of a person plays important role in life because we cannot express our feelings or emotions in words, facial expression or gesture to express emotions. A human face does not only identify an individual but also communicates useful information about a person’s emotional state. Facial Expression gives important information about emotion of a person. Face emotion recognition is one of the main applications of machine vision that widely attended in recent years. Understanding facial expressions accurately is one of the challenging tasks for interpersonal relationships. Automatic emotion detection using facial expressions recognition is now a main area of interest within various fields such as computer science, medicine, and psychology. This paper provides a review of research work carried out, problem faced and published in the field of facial expression recognition and various techniques used for facial expression recognition.

Emotion, Facial expressions, Genetic algorithm, Neural Network, SVM, SIFT, HMM.