Performance Evaluation of Apriori Algorithm on Reservation Policy

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Volume 3, Issue 1 (January, 2017)
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Jasleen Kaur, Rasbir Singh, Rupinder Kaur Gurm
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various advantages and ill effects of reservation policy are affecting Indian Education system and employment sector. Due to disturbance created by reservation system in education and job sector in the society, people are marginally divided into two groups i.e. people who are in favor or non-favor of reservation which accelerates the other causes which are associated with negative effect of reservation to further worse the situation. So, survey is conducted with teachers and students to detect main causes of reservation and their point of view. Statistical t-test is conducted on surveyed dataset to filter the high impact factors of reservation out of all factors taken and interpreted graphically. Further, Apriori Association rule mining applied using data mining tool to study the interdependence of main causes behind growing impact of reservation and finding the possible solutions to make system unbiased. Improvement in Apriori algorithm is proposed and Comparison of of proposed and existing techniques in terms of parameters candidate generation, number of cycles performed and minimum support done using graphs to obtain faster results thus reducing the repeatedly database scan.

Aprioi algorithm, Association Rules, Statistical test, reservation, data mining