A Systematic Review on the Field of Digital Marketing

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Volume 2, Issue 12 (December, 2016)
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Harsimrat Kaur
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Marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. Digital marketing is the utilization of electronic media by the marketers to promote the products or services into the market. The main objective of digital marketing is attracting customers and allowing them to interact with the brand through digital media. With the popularity of broadband Internet and the booming development of network technology in recent years, the traditional marketing is also gradually moving to digital marketing. The dissemination of information through the internet is different from traditional marketing. The digital marketing means using digital technology related media as a new advertised pattern of marketing channel. “Marketing” is the most important thing in the digital marketing; “digital” is only one of the pipelines of marketing. This new type of digital marketing, prompting business must rethink from the perspective of between businesses and consumers enables new contact and interaction. In today’s competitive market, there are various products made by enterprises, how to stand out in a highly competitive environment, and how to go with marketing tactics and product through the product advertising to cause high degree of customer purchase intentions and interests effectively is one of the important keys. In this paper, the futures and tools and techniques of digital marketing has been reviewed and discussed.

digital marketing; content writing; SEO; social media; mobility